May 28, 2011

Saturday, i ♥ you

Shirt: gift from my brother who worked for Tribeca last year
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Rocket Dog (an old pair that I adore. RD makes the most comfy shoes)
Necklaces: Hip Mom Jewelry (a gift) and a Sundance '11 souvenir

It smells like heaven in my backyard right now. Honeysuckle....sigh. Happy sigh. I love it so much.

And while we're on the subject, I'm so happy that it's summer skirt season again. Have I ever told you that I wore skirts for 85% of my years in school, including college? I know. Winter was horrific. As were the early 90's when short skirts were in and all mine had to be to the middle of my knee. I longed for uniforms because shopping was a nightmare.

I remember getting to in Liberty and not really caring that we had to wear dresses everyday because I had already been doing it for years and years. Of course, now the rules have gone out the window and those kids can wear anything they please. Punks. I had to were dresses when it was snowing. Uggg.

After college, I went through several years of the "I don't want to wear skirts" phase. I just couldn't bear them. Thankfully, that phase is long over, and I've embraced my love of dresses again. I would much rather wear a skirt than shorts. And I'm kinda over capris.

So, there you go. A random Cottage Girl fact.

I'm off to watch some Veronica Mars because I can, and because I miss Logan. And if you like sassy, snarky blondes that solve crimes and have bad boy, sarcastic boyfriends, you should watch it too. It's a gem.


Our Family said...

That's funny! I'm the same way about skirts. When college was over I didn't wear them for a long time, but now I think they're fun to wear. I think it's because I'm not forced to anymore and I can choose the style and length :) Yeah, skirts are better than capris any day!

stephanie said...

Me too! I went through a phase of loving wearing jeans to church just because I could...and I reasoned I'd worn "dress clothes" more than the general population ever I'm back to LOVING dress clothes. I was just at macy's trying on a bunch of dresses the other day and thinking "someday when I'm working and making money I'm ONLY going to wear dresses! Every day!" I bought myself a new dress for easter this year and I love the way I feel in it! So smart and ladylike :)

Allison Drew said...

This picture is cute. Also I LOVE veronica mars. I spent about a month last spring watching ever episode on netflix.

cottage girl said...

Sis and Stephanie: I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Let's wear skirts all summer, shall we?

Allison: TV marathons are the bestest. What are you watching now?

Gina said...

I totally am the same about the dresses/skirts. it is only in the last year that I have begun to enjoy them again. funny. and i totally agree that the new lu generation are a bunch of punks ;)