May 06, 2011

thrift it up

Yard sale season is upon us here.

I know where I'll be bright and early tomorrow mornin'.

Other weekend plans (may) include:
  • sleep. Still haven't caught up after being sick.
  • movie. Thor or Water For Elephants. I can't decide.
  • crafting. Oh, which project to choose.
  • church. Can't wait!
  • dropping off a trunk full of cast-offs to Goodwill. That always feels good.
  • grocery store. It's getting pretty barren in the fridge.
  • editing photos....for some of the cutest kids in the world.
  • celebrating my Momma! What shall we do Mom?
A free weekend in May always feels like a mini-vacation, doesn't it?!


kaley said...

water for elephants! you will die over the costumes and cinematography!! I thought of you the entire movie!

cottage girl said...

I do still want to see it, but Thor won out this weekend. I may just Netflix it. But I really do want to see it just for the costumes and sets. Even the commercials are pretty.