May 10, 2011

California, California, here we coooome....

(Venice Beach, I think, in 2005)
I went to California once.
San Fransisco.
Los Angeles.
Marina Del Ray.
Catalina Island.
San Diego.
All in one trip down the west coat by boat.

It was one of those places that I instantly felt at home.
Ever been to a place like that?
You've never been there,
but it feels like you have.
It feels comfortable and cozy.

Even my first visit to camp.
All were like that too.

I dream about palm trees, surfers, wide beaches, ocean cliffs, west coast style beach homes, sunsets over the ocean, warm breezes. Time to take another trip back, I think. Maybe stay a little longer than last time. Maybe when it's cold and wintery here. Maybe with a journal in hand and a good pen to jot down the flood of thoughts and ideas that come when I'm by the sea.

Yes, it's time to save up for a plane ticket....

1 comment:

kaley said...

i have to say, i'm going to miss sunny old san diego!